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Main sources for business finance

One cannot have a discussion on capital financing without talking about the different sources of is important to look at the different sources of finance in order to understand the best alternative or combinations that the business can choose from. The main sources for business finance include:

  1. Debt capital

This refers to a source of fund that the business borrows externally in order to finance a new or an existing project. The borrowed money is usually repaid back at a given interest rate. The different forms of debt capital include bank loans, negotiable financial instruments and bonds issued by the company.

  1. Equity capital

Equity capital refers to capital raised from potential investors in exchange of units of ownership in the company referred to as shares. The investors buy the shares in speculation that the market value of the shares is going to increase in future thus making the investment profitable.

  1. Preferred stock

A preferred stock is a kind of equity capital that carries a higher priority to payment of dividend than common stock but less voting rights.


Corporate finance can be broken down to the following main activities

  1. Capital investments and budgeting

This is a branch of corporate financing that deals with finding the best long term investment project which the company should invest its capital. Capital investment entails making a detailed financial analysis of different investment alternatives and finding the one with a possible highest risk adjusted returns. Capital investment is a crucial corporate finance task that can either make or break the business future.

  1. Capital financing

This refers to sourcing of funds in order to finance the budgeted capital investments in form of debt or equity. A business can decide to mix equity and debt financing. This should however be done with close monitoring in order to avoid default in loan repayment or liquidity problems. This can be attained by maintaining a low weighted average cost of capital (WACC).

  1. Short term liquidity

Corporate finance is tasked in ensuring that the liquidity level is maintained at a sufficient level. The company should be in a position to comfortably finance current liabilities and other operating expenses. This is only possible by ensuring that there is enough current asset that can generate cash or can be quickly converted to a cash equivalent.

  1. Payment of dividends or capital reinvestment

It is duty of corporate finance department to budget on the profit earned in the organization at the end of the financial year. Basically it can either choose to reinvest wholly the profits earned or strike a balance between reinvestment and paying dividends.


Assessing the financial position of a company

Financial reports provides investors, creditors and shareholders with information that indicates the financial position of the company. It is a requirement by the international accepted accounting principles for all listed companies to avail quarterly and annually financial reports to be used by the interested parties. The statements are further audited by external parties to ensure that they are correct reflection of the company financial position. Three common financial reports used are statement of income, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

There are many financial accounting methods and tools that experts can use in capital budgeting some of which include accounting rate of return, net present value, internal rate of return, payback period and equivalent annuity method.


Corporate finance assignment help

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