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Meet our team of professional finance experts who will provide you with all financial planning assignment answers. Financial plan is the strategic way that a company intends to use in order to achieve its goals and objectives. A financial plan utilizes currently available resources in trying to achieve investor’s future financial state or desire. Financial plan describe the steps, resources and materials that a business needed to achieve an objective. Financial plan expresses a business idea in terms of feasible and measurable financial targets. Good knowledge of financial planning will help you in offering help with managerial finance homework.

It’s a mandatory requirement for students pursuing business course to develop and indicate sufficient understanding of financial planning skills. This is the main reason why we offer finance planning assignment help to our clients. Our qualified experts possess excellent academic qualifications and hands on experience when it comes to finance planning assignment help.

Financial planning assignment help comprises of the following tasks

Going through EconomicTimes, they have an explanation of the rules that you should follow if you are to have a sound financial plan. These rules forms the basis of the different elements of financial planning. They include;

Risk management

Financial planning helps in identifying potential financial risk and possible ways that the organization can best handle those risks. Some of the techniques used in risk management include insurance, diversification and hedging. Risk management secures the business from unpredictable disasters.

Cash flow management

Cash flow management analyses the cash inflow and outflow of a business. The aim of cash flow management is to ensure that there is sufficient level of liquidity in the business say to day operations. It also keeps a healthy balance between current liabilities and current assets.

Investment planning

The investment planning involves making long term capital investment in a project with a positive net present value. Investment involves huge capital investments with the hope of receiving positive returns in future. It is thus important for the business to value a project before investing. The desired project should have a positive net present value after considering the cost of capital and inflation.

Tax planning

Good knowledge of taxation is important in order to ensure tax compliance. It is also important for a business to make optimum use of the tax policies like tax exceptions and discounts. The government requires businesses to remit employment tax deductions and file for tax returns after a certain period of time.

Objectives of a financial plan

  • To indicate the amount of working capital and fixed capital required at a given time.
  • To determine the different sources of capital so as to maintain a stable debt to equity ratio
  • It ensure that the required amount above is attainable in the shortest time and cost possible.
  • To ensure good liquidity levels and that no debt is unpaid or has a difficulty in repayment
  • To ascertain optimum use of funds in the organization in order to avoid unexplained shortages.

Characteristics of a good financial plan

  • Simplicity- the financial plan should be simple to read and interpret
  • Focus on long term- while raising the capital for the company, the financial plan should take into view the long term objectives of the business.
  • Flexible- in order to contain any unexpected future changes, the financial plan should be flexible. It should provide room for adjustment and revision when the need arises.
  • Should take into account the cost of funds as far as possible to ensure that there is a sustainable financial mix.
  • Should ensure enough liquidity- planning of investment of funds should be well in advance to avoid any cash shortages or unexplained cash surpluses.

Types of capital requirement

Fixed capital

It is a type of capital required to meet long term financial obligations of the business. Examples of fixed capital include purchase of fixed assets, investment and expansion. Fixed capital requirement tends to vary from one business to another and its control is by factors like; nature of business, type of products, size of business and the production process.

Working capital

Refers to cash in circulation; it includes the amount of capital invested in current assets. This amount is easy to convert to cash equivalent and put to use to finance short term expenses. Adequate level of working capital is necessary for any organization in order to ensure sufficient levels of liquidity.

A financial plan is necessary for any business, it allows for evaluation of organizations current and future financial needs. Our team of financial experts works round the clock to ensure that you get quality and reliable financial planning assignment help. With years in experience in handling financial planning assignment help for students and businesses, there is no task that will be difficult to us.

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