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Managerial finance is a branch of business finance that involves with management of finance techniques. In this regard, managerial finance tends to focus more on assessment of financial techniques that we can use to improve the firm’s profitability. Managerial finance combines both corporate finance and managerial techniques in assessing the financial statements. It aims at taking a deeper analysis on the financial reports and interpreting the results thereof.

This is a core course for business, finance and banking students. We offer managerial finance assignment help that will help you improve your grades at the end of your course work. The main rationale behind managerial finance homework help is to ensure that you find an ample time understanding complex managerial finance concepts.

Role of managerial finance assignment help

Managerial finance helps an organization in coming up with the best way to use funds in order to generate more future gains. Financial managers’ co-operate with other departments in order to obtain important information which is necessary for financial planning, forecasts and investment decisions. The role of the managerial finance depends on the size of the organization. In small organizations, managerial finance roles are done by the accounting department. While in larger organizations, a managerial finance department may work as a department on ts own. . According to SlideShare, managerial fiance plays a critical role in shareholders wealth maximization as well as boosting an organizations profitability.

Relationship between managerial finance and other disciplines


Managerial finance works hand in hand with economics. Financial managers must be aware of different economic policies and the economic consequence of a certain finance decision. For instance, finance managers can use the marginal analysis in making financial decisions. According to marginal analysis theory, a decision should only be undertaken if it aims at increasing economic value of the firm. This can only be done if the difference between marginal revenue and marginal cost is highest for a given investment alternative.


In many instances the roles of the financial accountant and finance manager overlap. In some instances it’s even impossible to distinguish the role of financial manager from that of an accountant. However the difference arises depending on the manner in which they treat cash flows. Accountants prepare cash flow statement on income and expenses as they occur. While on the other hand finance manager uses cash basis to treat cash inflows and outflows. When it comes to decision making, accountants spend most of their time collecting information and presenting it inform of financial reports. While finance manager assesses the financial reports presented in order to make investment decisions.

The study of managerial finance and career opportunities

Finance manager plays a vital role in any organization. This is due to the fact that financial achievements will be the key indicators of business performance. In addition to this, all department heads work closely with the finance manager in order to come up with a way of attaining the departments’ financial budgets. The study of managerial finance is thus key to every organizational success, career opportunities in the study of managerial finance include;

  1. Financial analyst- main role include preparing of financial forecasts and budgets. Finance analyst also performs financial assessment and comparisons.
  2. Capital expenditure manager- is involved in recommendation, evaluation and implementation of capital investments.
  3. Project finance manager- coordinates for the financing of recommended projects. He also liaises with specialists like lawyers and bankers.
  4. Cash manager- manages and maintains daily cash flow in the organization. He managers the collection of cash and the financing of short term liabilities.
  5. Credit manager- analyses the performance of firms’ credit performance. Credit manager also implements the firms’ credit policy by reviewing new credit applicants, extending existing credits and collection of account receivables.
  6. Pension fund manager- oversees the management of assets and liabilities of the organizations pension fund scheme.
  7. Foreign exchange manager- managers the firms foreign financial operations and advises the firm on fluctuations in the international foreign currencies.

Managerial finance assignment help

When answering most managerial finance questions, you will need to tackle a real case study. After which you will use appropriate approach and tools in assessing and interpreting the situation. This will help you to provide a conclusion or advice at the end of the question. This type of question requires students to have an in depth understanding of the procedures involved. That’s why we are here to help you have an ample time solving for managerial finance assignment.



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